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Best Cruise Vacation Packing List on the Internet

      wants you to have a terrific time on your cruise vacation and it all starts with smart cruise vacation packing.  Having these essential items will help you feel relaxed and comfortable while at sea.

Beach Towels
 - Most ships will provide towels but will charge large fees if the towels are not returned. brings some inexpensive towels from home, so as not to risk additional fees.

Bubble Wrap - Great for wrapping around wine and champagne bottles, and to safely pack your fragile purchases at sea.

Empty Garbage Bags – Nice for packing your dirty clothes separately on the way home.

Ziploc Bags –Super for packing shells, shampoo, toiletries, cologne, etc.

Spare Change
– ShipOuts packs a bag of quarters for laundry, and the casino.

– Different temperatures and humidity levels can trigger allergies.  Eye-drops will be expensive at sea, so bring some just in case.

Clorox Wipes
– The first thing that does when arriving in our room…we wipe down all door handles, knobs, t.v. remote, and high traffic areas with Clorox germ-killing wipes.  

Wine/Champagne – Most ships will allow you to bring on a reasonable amount of wine and champagne.

Playing Cards, Puzzles, or Games – Will be wonderful to have if you experience inclement weather on your cruise vacation.

Dryer Sheets
- A dryer sheet tossed in the bottom of your suitcase is a terrific way to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

 - Useful for spotting dolphins,  fishing boats, and your approach to port…or just for people watching.

Mister/ Spray Bottle – Will keep you cool when sunbathing or running on the treadmill.

Water Bottles – ShipOuts brings at least 6 water bottles per person…nice to have at bedtime or for excursions.

Music player and extra headphones – Reading is a true joy, but sometimes it is just too bright…Shipouts brings a music player with audio books and great playlists loaded while getting excited about our next trip.

Small “airline” liquor bottles – Paying for drinks on a cruise ship can get expensive.  Re-fill these small bottles again and again to make drinks at the pool, bar, dinner, lunch, shows, excursions etc.  ShipOuts mixes vodka with lemonade or rum with the cokes purchased with our soda cards.

Cell Phone and Charger – Even if you plan to avoid your cell phone and the high international roaming rates at sea…you will still want a freshly charged phone when you disembark.

Tervis Tumblers – No better "glass" exists to carry around your drinks on the ship. Tervis Tumblers  
– You don’t want to have to buy these on the cruise ship or in port, since the selection will be limited and the prices will be high.

Starbucks Via Packets - ShipOuts can’t live without gourmet coffee and these instant mix packs are a surprisingly good alternative.

Extra Hangers
– A few extra clothes hangers.  ShipOuts has never seen a ship provide more than 4 hangers in the closet.  Bring a few from home to make the best use of the limited space in your stateroom.

Video Camera
– Don’t forget the charger, battery and blank discs.

– For your 2 way radios, MP3, flashlight, etc.

Dressy shoes - ShipOuts always forgets dress shoes.  You might look silly in an elegant cocktail dress or sport-coat with your sandals.

Empty Box - Packed with soda, some beer, or water...tape it shut, label it with your name and room number and check it with you bags.

- The sun’s rays are much more intense near the equator and a less effective ozone layer make sunbathing more dangerous than in the past.  Un-protected skin can burn in less than one hour.

- If you get burned, this is one of the only remedies that will offer any relief.

Contacts, solution, spare glasses - You will want to see clearly while on your cruise vacation.

Power strip
- Most staterooms have 1 plug in the bathroom and 1 outlet in the main cabin.  A power-strip will provide you with additional outlets.

Reading Material 
- A good book or magazine will give you something to do while you work on your vacation tan.

Proof of immunizations
– Seldom required but double check, since some itineraries will require this documentation to sail, or to visit specific ports. 

Notarized letter for any child not traveling with both parents listed on their birth certificate
-  Absent parent will sign to give permission for their child to leave and re-enter the USA.  Get the Form for Free

Duct tape
- Luggage and wardrobe malfunctions are among the hundreds of uses you might find for this miracle invention.

Empty lightweight duffel bags - great for bringing home your cruise vacation purchases.

Beach bag – Super for carrying around while in port, or just to keep your sunbathing items handy.

2-Way Radios
– Your cell phone will be more expensive due to exorbitant international roaming charges.  2-way radios are a much better option for keeping in touch while on the cruise ship.

Collapsible Coolers – Use this to store ice in your stateroom instead of the tiny ice bucket provided.

Highlighter – To mark the activities you don’t want to miss on each days schedule.

Hand Sanitizer
– Cruise ships, with thousands of people coming together in close quarters, can make your immune system work overtime…hand sanitizer will lessen the risk of you catching a cold while on your cruise vacation.

Band Aids
– If you develop a walking blister, this will be a welcomed item.

Post it Notes
– A good way to leave a note on the mirror for your roommates.

2 bathing suits – So that one will always be dry.

Windbreaker or Hoodie
- for windy nights or cool sunrises at sea.

Nightlight – Your stateroom may be darker than you like.  A nightlight will help you navigate the tight walkways when all other lights go out...

– If you have a balcony room,  a strong refrigerator magnet will hold back the curtain to let in the breeze.

– In case you get the sniffles…sometimes this happens on a cruise vacation.

Rolaids,  Advil, and Tweezers
– These items are expensive at sea, so bring them just in case.

Curling Iron/ Straightener
– You can look around at dinner and pick out who forgot their hair care items.

Pre-measured detergent – All ships offer laundry facilities…but bring your own dryer sheets and detergent to save on the high cost of these items if purchased from the machine.

Small alarm clock – In most staterooms, the only clock is your TV screen.  Bring an alarm clock if you do not like to leave on the TV at night.  If you do leave on the TV, switch to the forward cam when you go to sleep…and awaken to a sunrise or your ship arriving in an exotic port. recommends shopping at for your cruise vacation packing items.  Free shipping, super fast delivery, and the lowest prices available on most items you will need for your cruise vacation. Logo
Sail Away

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