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 Win Free Stuff on a Cruise Vacation with Our Top 5
Questions and Lucky 7 Tips

The last thing you want to to do on your cruise is waste time sitting through a presentation, right?  Actually you're wrong!  You need to do your research and plan ahead.  There might be something offered you won't want to miss, like free stuff on a cruise vacation.  For example, on a recent Carnival cruise a few of us at decided to attend what was called a “Shopping Ashore Presentation.”  We showed up a few minutes early and asked 5 very important questions. Top 5 Cruise Vacation Presentation Questions

  1. How long does the presentation last?
  2. What guaranteed FREE gift(s) will I receive for attending?
  3. Am I asked to purchase anything while attending the presentation?
  4. Can all members of my party win prizes and what are prize values?
  5. Are there other offers/deals/coupons given I can only receive by attending?


As we approached the sign-in table, I was prepared to ask my top five questions.  I found out the presentation would only take an hour of our time.  There were dozens of prizes to be awarded just to those attending.  I peaked in the banquet room...there were less than 100 people seated and it was about to begin.  My odds of winning something in that next hour were better than winning in the ship's casino!  We were given shopping guides, coupon books, and were told the speaker would give vital shopping ashore information we could note down during the talk.  We were not required or even asked to buy anything during the presentation.  A card was given to us to collect our Free Gold Charm Bracelet while at port the next day.  So my daughter and I each took our prize ticket and secured seats very close to the speaker and stage.

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When it was all over...we didn't win the big prize...but we walked away with some great give-aways including lanyards, hemp necklaces, and  beach towels!  We gained priceless knowledge to create: Lucky 7 Tips for Cruise Presentations

  1. Always do your research!  Check your cruise newsletters and itineraries for Shopping  Presentations.  Take the time to show up to the presentation and ask the “ Top 5 Cruise Presentation Questions!”  If the answers sound good – stay for the presentation.
  2. Scope out the room and prizes!  Ask to look inside the room and view the prizes before you agree to attend.  Their goal is to fill the room – so they will accommodate your requests.  Assess about how many people are attending...look at the prize table to see what will be given away.  
  3. Consider your odds! If there are 20 prizes and only 40 people taking time out to see the presentation...HALF THE ROOM WILL WIN FREE PRIZES!  You won't find those odds in the ship's casino!
  4. SIZE MATTERS!  The size of your party that is...the more people you bring with you who have a ticket...the more chances you'll have to win a prize! 
  5. Secure super seating!  Getting close to the stage and the speaker is key.  The speakers are there to sell...their job is to get you to go ashore excited to hit all the shops and buy.  So participate, ask questions, show your interest, and get noticed in the audience!
  6. Pay attention!  Knowledge is another prize to be won.  During the talk take notes, learn where the best deals are ashore.  Remember, the speaker will tell you many ways to save!
  7. Rush the stage!  As soon as it is over, walk up to the display table...the prizes are gone, but most speakers have additional products to give away!  If you followed Tip 5, then the speaker will remember you give you more!  Once all the prizes are awarded, most people rush out of the room.  Big mistake!  Stick around, rush the stage, and collect even more FREE stuff on a cruise vacation!


During your next cruise vacation don't miss out on FREE prizes and give-aways.  -Good luck! 

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