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Do I Need Cruise Insurance?


Trip cancellation, emergency medical, and flight!

Should I Buy Cruise Insurance? 

Cruise Insurance is also known as travel insurance or travel protection insurance.  Over the years, has booked many cruises without travel protection. Not because of some special knowledge, but simply because our budget did not allow for it. Luckily we have never needed to cancel. These days we always choose to buy a travel insurance policy. We must recommend that you purchase travel protection insurance if your budget allows. The cruise lines all charge steep penalties if you cancel your cruise vacation within certain time-frames. Cruise lines are known for not making exceptions to this policy. Travel protection insurance will refund your penalties if you cancel for a reason that is covered. Cancellation events that are typically covered include sickness, death in family, and destruction of your home residence.

Compagnie Cruise Yacht at Sea

Some cancellation events are not generally covered, though, even with cruise insurance. These reasons can include changing your mind, inclement weather, family scheduling conflicts, sick pets or travel fears (such as civil unrest or a medical epidemic in a country or port which you are visiting on your cruise).

Cruise Insurance offers you outstanding health insurance. Most Americans are surprised to find that their medical insurance does not cover them while vacationing in foreign countries. Also, in a serious medical emergency, airlift transportation from a cruise ship to a qualified medical facility can cost many thousands of dollars, and without a good travel insurance policy, you have may have no coverage and may have to pay out of pocket for necessary medical treatment.

MSC Orchestra Main Pool

It is not the responsibility of the cruise line to connect you with the ship if you miss it while in a foreign port. travel protection Insurance will also reimburse you for costs associated with missing your ship and also missed connections and flight delays. A good travel protection insurance policy should cover events such as trip cancellation or trip interruption for a valid reason, travel delays including missed connections, emergency medical and dental expenses, emergency medical evacuation or repatriation, loss of baggage or travel documents, baggage delays, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Cruise Travel Guard Insurance through  is highly

.  See the

Chartis link below to find out more


Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency

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